Eco Tips

English: A green compost bin.

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Even without the hype around global warming (important as that is) we should all try to do our bit to help the world eco-system. If not for ourselves, then for the generations to come. Think of the health issues involved, the balance of nature and the possible extinction of fauna and flora. If we all do what we can, our children and grandchildren will not only have a healthier environment, but will be able to enjoy things that will otherwise have disappeared.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1) Keep your patch of the earth clean. Don’t litter and don’t expect others to clean up after you. Select an area in your surroundings and make a point of doing a “clean sweep” on a regular basis. Just because it is a public area, does not mean you cannot pick up rubbish, sweep it if you can and so forth.

2) Don’t break plants and trees unnecessarily. They provide the air that you breath.

3) Don’t waste water. It is not an infinite resource. Take shorter showers. Share bath water if possible. Water plants with used water as long as there are not too many chemicals in it.

4) Recycle your garbage. Most towns have recycle points if they do not actually have a recycling collection system. Start a compost bin for your vegetable and fruit peels and left overs. Reuse bags and containers where possible.

5) Look for organic solutions for your garden rather than using pesticides.

If we all do just one or two of the above, we can reduce chemical emissions, save our water resources, improve the quality of the air that we breathe and lessen the bacterial impact in our own area.


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